My name is Dylan. And I'm really passionate about wood.

I’ve learned that when your job is your passion, it’s more like an obsession that has to be controlled. Building with wood has been a passion of mine since childhood. Once I discovered that I could turn logs into lumber, it was game on. I started turning logs into lumber with a chainsaw mill in the neighborhood I lived in as a hobby while working in the mortgage industry. Fast forward several years and we have two sawmills, equipment, and relationships to turn trees into useable products.

Why does this matter?

Wood is important because it is a natural resource we use for building everything from the dining table where we share meals to the house we abide in. As a society, it is obvious that we are major consumer of natural resources, and that includes trees. The idea of turning salvaged trees into useable material seems to be rapidly spreading. Let’s turn it from a trend to the new normal!