Step 1: Recovery

Our work starts with salvaging fallen trees in parks, city streets of Richmond, or even from someone's yard. If we aren’t recovering fallen trees, they are left to rot, taken to the landfill, or cut up for firewood. We believe the best way to repurpose this timber is to serve a human need. We do this with as many downed trees as we can. And don't be afraid to contact us about a tree you think would work - Sometimes the ugliest trees make the best slabs! We can tell you if it can be repurposed or salvaged.



Step 2: Milling/Drying

This is an important step because it starts the process where we can see a tangible product start to take shape. All of our wood, either sold or made into furniture, is milled and then air dried, usually for several years. Before we start a project or sell the wood, it will be kiln dried, which will ensure a lower moisture content and that any bugs living in the wood will be eradicated. Lastly, the wood is carefully dimensioned to create flat and square material to work with.



Step 3: Designing/Building/Selling

During this process, we will be working closely with you, the customer. We begin this part by analyzing your space and your needs. As we show you our sketches and design ideas, we want your vision to become ours. If you are buying wood from us, we will make sure you get what you need, and we will even let you know where the tree came from! 


design 1-1.jpg