We have a diverse selection of locally sourced live edge and character lumber for sale. By referring to character lumber, we are talking about wood you won’t find at your local lumber store. These are one-of-a-kind pieces that are filled with “flaws” that give them beauty and distinction. Our lumber comes from hardwood trees that we salvage in and around the Richmond, VA area. All of our stock has been air dried, and we carefully kiln dry our material to ensure a quality product that is ready to use and free of bugs! 

Perfectly suited for tables, countertops, shelves, bar tops, and more, our live edge slabs will bring distinction to your home or business. Just let us know what size and species you would like for your project, and we will help you find the wood you need. Below are photos of some of our current kiln dried and surfaced material. Click on the photo for more info or contact us for new inventory!